CIO For Family Office

Importance Of a Chief Investment Officer (CIO) For Family Office

Should You Outsource Your Family Office’s Chief Investment Officer Role?

The role of a Chief Investment Officer (CIO) brings valuable sophistication, focus, deal flow, and due diligence to a family office. However, there is a growing trend in the family office space to outsource this function to third-party firms. Which can help lower overhead costs. These firms often use advanced software and risk management tools.

When a family office uses an outsourced Chief Investment Officer service, they retain control over their real estate investments and direct investment decisions. The family makes direct investment and hard asset decisions in-house. While keeping the consulting firm informed of major changes in their holdings to manage overall portfolio risk.

To run a successful family office, a diverse team of professionals is needed to handle different types of investments. Typically, a family office employs 5-8 full-time employees, including a tax, trust, and estate lawyer, CIO, CFO/accountant, direct investment specialist, risk management/insurance specialist, and CEO

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