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Rose Vitale of DRA Family Office Shares Strategic Guidance on Venture Scalability
Experienced entrepreneur turned private investor offers insights into one of the biggest challenges facing female founders

SAN DIEGO—May 3, 2023—Rose Vitale, Managing Partner of DRA Family Office, today shared strategic guidance on venture scalability with female founders and others who want to build up the value of their businesses. As an experienced entrepreneur turned private investor, Vitale has valuable insights about scaling up a business, which can be a major challenge for owners. She advises DRA’s portfolio companies on scaling and other issues, but also offers her knowledge to help other businesses.

“Scaling up is absolutely critical to achieving a higher valuation,” explained Vitale. “From an investor perspective, if I’m putting money into your company when you’re worth X, I want to help you become worth 10X. That means scale.”

For Vitale, achieving scale requires the application of a few strategic ideasthat are simple. But based on factors that can be difficult to identify. For example, scale can stem from locking up a market segment. As a successful business owner in wireless retail, Vitale put this concept into action by seeking, and then dominating, certain sales categories. This enabled her to scale her business rapidly and build up her valuation.

“It’s easy to understand, but not always so easy to see,” Vitale added. “You have to figure out where you’re going to focus your efforts. It’s definitely possible to waste your time going in the wrong direction. Some of that is inevitable, but it pays to be diligent in thinking the issues through. We can help in that regard.”

About DRA Family Office

DRA Family Office is a family office-backed private investment firm based in San Diego, California. However, firm was founded in 2019 and is interested in investing in lower middle market private equity and early-stage companies in a diverse range of industries, including real estate, operating businesses and equity venture opportunities.

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